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Do you want to quickly find the properties that you liked next time you visit?

By marking a property as a "favorite" when doing a listing search, the property will be recorded and displayed on this page. No more writing down the property MLS® number or trying to remember which listing looked promising a week later. Simply mark the property as a favorite and we'll do the remembering for you.

While performing a search, click on the "Add to Favorites" tab or button and the system will automatically keep track of the listing as a favorite. Whenever you wish to view or maintain your favorite listings, simply visit this page and your favorite listings will be automatically displayed.

There is no need to register or provide any personal information to take advantage of this service. Your favorite listings are recorded anonymously and no one will call you.

RE/MAX A.C.A. Realty,  Bay A1, 5018 - 57 Avenue  Olds AB T4H 1J1
Phone: 403-556-3121  Fax: 403-556-1381
Each office is independently owned and operated.
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